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Hi my name is Roy, I live in Apas, Cebu City where we were directly hit by the typhoon Odette Ph. Me and my family are safe however the typhoon had left quite a damage on our house. A tree fell on one side of our roof and the roof was flown by the strong wind on the other side. Because of this, rain shower damaged the electric line of our house and most of the appliances and devices were soaked in the rain. All these happened after the typhoon hit us on December 16. I said to myself that it's fine and we will bounce back but on December 28 my son got very sick. We had him checked and learned he had Pneumonia. We went to the hospital, got admitted and was swabbed as prerequisite before admission. We stayed in the hospital for 3 days and continued his medication at home. It was really hard but we had no choice but to fight and move on. I hope I would get a little assistance. Thank you.


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Roof $270
Ceiling $100
Hospital Bills $515
Total Costs: $885

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