Vince Aaron A. Genodipa

Requested by Requested on December 31, 2021

Hi good day, my name is Vince Aaron A Genodipa. I live in Canbanua Argao Cebu, near river bank, where the supper typhoon Odette "eye" passes through. During the typhoon, my family is forced to evacute due to danger of the river to offer flow and submerge our house. We are fortunate that we did evacuate for our house was completely flooded together with all our belongings and computer (the one I used for my work) . More over, the roof and the walls of our house was ripped off due to the strong wind. Our house was devastated. Electrical poles was cut and fall down to our house. Chickens and pigs were drowed. Our house almost connot be recognized. It was a complete disaster. The fisrt week was tough, we cooked the dead chickens and pigs to fill our stomach, we dug hole in the ground in hope of water source (near the river) to drink and wash our clothes. Dispite with this our family is slowly recovering, yet until now there is a sortage of clean water to drink, food and resources to build back our house. I am thankful that we survived the disaster. It's been a tough time. We are slowly fixing our lives and home back to normal. And we need help in this endeavor. I hope I would get a little assistance. Thank you.


Item Name / Description Price
Roof $100.00
Walls $100.00
Woods / lumber $100.00
Food, water and clothing $300.00
Work station $400.00
Total Costs: $1000.00
$0.00   USD raised out of $1000.00
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