Back-end Web Developer

  • Contractor Name: Anfernee
  • Employee Status: Available for Full-Time or Project-Based work
  • Available To Work On: Philippine Standard Time
  • Price: $20 per hour for part-time project-based work. In exchange for a consistent full-time schedule of 40 hours a week, Anfernee is willing to accept offers as low as $14.00 per hour (Approximately $2240.00/month).
  • Hometown: Mandaue City
  • Born: 1995


  • Web Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript Developer
  • PHP
  • WordPress

Anfernee's Bio

My name is Anfernee D. Amaro. I’m a Junior Web Developer. I was a Quality Assurance Tester on TBLTechnerds last 2019 for 5 months. I test websites and report the errors and issues with them to the team. If there are some issues with the sites I test, sometimes I’ll be the one to fix the issues if my team lead asks me to do it. I also know how to use the CodeIgniter PHP framework. My hobby is playing MMORPG games. What motivates me to do a good job is to make my parents debt-free.

Education History

  • School: Cebu Mary Immaculate College
  • Attended: 2016
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Location: Cebu

Work History

Position Company Name Dates Worked Description
Position: Junior Back-end Web Developer Company Name: TBLTechnerds Dates Worked: August 2019-December 2019 Description:
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