Minglanilla Cebu, Philippines

Virtual Assistant

  • Available for Project-Based work only
  • Philippine Standard Time
  • $15 per hour for part-time project-based work. In exchange for a consistent full-time schedule of 40 hours a week, Geraldine is willing to accept offers as low as $15.00 per hour (Approximately $2400.00/month)

Working is my passion, and I have years of experience in this sector. Long-term experiences have taught me to approach problems from multiple perspectives and come up with creative solutions. Furthermore, I am convinced that my experience will be beneficial to your company. I am conscious of my job and its process, and I am constantly searching for ways to better it. I’m an accounting manager with years of experience directing accounting departments. Supervises the cooperative’s detailed operations in conformity with the policies agreed upon by the Board of Directors, and makes policy recommendations to the Board. In the accounting system, I used QuickBooks software to record all receipts, payables, and expenditures.

Above all, I can satisfy my clients by meeting all of their needs and producing excellent results.

  • University: University of Bohol, Philippines
  • Year Attended: 2012
  • Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
  • Location: Bohol, Philippines
Work Experience
Position Company Name Dates Worked Description
Accounting and Business Management College Teacher University of Cebu, Main Campus (November 2012 – Present)
  • Use lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, laboratory workshop sessions, seminars, case studies, field assignments, and independent or group projects to teach and oversee students.
  • Create curriculum, teaching materials, and course outlines.
Accounting and Business Management College Teacher Asian College of Technology (ACT) (June 2012 – October 2012)
  • I used curriculum development and course delivery.
  • Conducting research, fieldwork, and investigations, as well as drafting reports.
  • Participating in committee, departmental, and faculty meetings. -
  • Reviewing methods and teaching materials and providing improvement ideas.
  • Contributing to the development of an atmosphere that fosters progress, equality, and free expression.
General Manager USJ-R Multipurpose Cooperative March 1, 2010- April 15,2012
  • Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, conduct and controls the administrative and financial operations of the cooperative.
  • Prepare short and long-term plans to determine the cash flows of credit operation.
  • Supervises, conducts and directs all jobs and activities specifically delegated to me, by Board of Directors.
  • Supervises the detailed operations of the cooperative in accordance with the policies agreed upon by Board of Directors and recommend policies to the Board.
  • Maintains an adequate bookkeeping and accounting system; provide for its regular examination by competent outside auditors, selected by Board of Directors, and present to the members a statement of the financial condition of the cooperative at the regular annual meeting.
  • Develops budgets of anticipated income and expected operating costs and presents such budgets to the Board of Directors as it may require.
  • Attends all Board of Directors meetings and make available a business report and a monthly financial statement as a minimum requirement.
  • Makes periodic reports to Board of Directors together with my recommendations concerning the cooperative operations. Confers with Board of Directors on the development of new policies and appraise the effectiveness of policies already adopted.
  • Hires and fires, subordinates according to a general policy formulated by the Board of Directors. Brings to the Board’s attention all matters requiring Board consideration and action.
  • Trains employees of the cooperative for greater efficiency. Sets up standards of performance for personnel through executives.
  • Experienced, audited an internal and external auditor at the end of the accounting period for more than 6 years.
  • To overall check all the required documents and other requirements needed for the external auditor.
Bookkeeper USJ-R Multipurpose Cooperative 2005- 2010
  • Using QuickBooks software in accounting system, records all receipts, payables, and disbursements.
  • Reconciles receipts and bank receipts.
  • Prepare for the monthly bank reconciliation of the three banks in preparation for internal and external auditors.
  • Prepare government requirements like, Business permits, sanitary permits, CDA permits, BIR, SSS, PHILHEALTH and PAG-IBIG permits as part of the requirements. To check the cash count reports of the Head Cashier and reconciles her bank receipts when the sales is already deposited to the next office day or to check them when IMPREST system is still being implemented.
  • To check the work output of the Credit and Collection Clerk for it is being linked by the QuickBooks software. To check the billing statement for loan deduction purposes of members/shareholders before it is being submitted to the payroll department.

  • To support the work of Manager concerning financial condition to the cooperative organization, especially when develops annual budgets.
  • To make available at all times a financial report necessary for the Board of Directors meetings.
  • Prepare all necessary documents needed for external auditors at the end of the accounting period, and available at all times, the time they audit.
  • Assist the work of Manager especially in times of activities like, annual General Assembly meetings, and Special General Assembly meetings.
Assistant Branch Head Brutus Food Systems, Incorporated (November 1, 1999 - December 24, 2004)
  • Supervises personnel and Prepare records of food and nonfood items daily, for inventory purposes.
  • Prepare a product requisition to the warehouse department daily.
  • Develops projection and analysis in preparation of product forecasting.
  • Prepare sales deposits daily. In-charge to deposits the sales the next day of operation.
  • To check the output of all personnel if it is still in the standard operating procedure.
  • Proposes plans to increase the sales. To check the daily time records of all personnel’s.
  • Conduct meetings to personnel weekly and perform other assignments as the owner may request in relation to the development of the organization.
  • Recommend policies and procedures concerning to the preparation of food products for the good and satisfaction of the customers.
Service Crew Brutus Food Systems, Incorporated (September 13, 1998 – October 31, 1999)
  • In charge of presenting menus to customers.
  • Takes orders and provides information on menu items and customer recommendations and food/beverage service.
  • Prepares the bill, which includes a breakdown of total meal prices and sales taxes.
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