Virtual Assistant

  • Contractor Name: June Kethley
  • Employee Status: Hired Full-Time
  • Available To Work On: Philippine Standard Time
  • Price: $10 per hour for part-time project-based work. In exchange for a consistent full-time schedule of 40 hours a week, June Kethley is willing to accept offers as low as $4.00 per hour (Approximately $640.00/month).
  • Hometown: Amlan, Negros Oriental
  • Born: 1988


  • Virtual Assistant
  • General Virtual Assistant

June Kethley's Bio

I grew up in the Province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. I have been married for almost 7 years now and still trying and working to have a child on my own. Me and my husband are currently living with my parents while we are still in the process of having our own house. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing but did not pursue my profession. I took up Communication Training in ExcelAsia Training and Development Inc. and landed my first job at a BPO Company which lasted me 5 years to be in the industry and now, I am enjoying myself working remotely for 5 years already. I love the work-life balance that working from home offers. I have always wanted to have my own travel company. Though I haven’t been to a lot of places, it really gives me a feeling of excitement when I plan to go to a new place. It has always been a dream to travel and have my own travel company gives me a feeling of accomplishment to help other people achieve their travel destination.

I find great satisfaction in working with or helping other people. I love learning new things, performing a lot of different duties, and solving a diverse range of challenging problems. These service-oriented roles provide plenty of opportunities to make a difference. Being motivated to go to work also depends a lot on the kind of work you do. I find it rewarding each day that I was able to help other people with all the troubles they currently have and this kind of achievement keeps me motivated to be better each day. I picture myself having grown in the field and dealing with clients on a higher level. To deal with bigger clients is what I have in mind. It can take a while but I have plenty of things to learn initially.

Education History

  • School: University of the Visayas
  • Attended: 2004-2008
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Location: Cebu City

Work History

Position Company Name Dates Worked Description
Position: External Booking Coordinator Company Name: AllGraduates Interpreting & Translating Services (Australia) Dates Worked: February 2016 – present Description: Answer calls from Non-English speakers asking for interpreters.
Assisting all clients (Housing, Hospitals, School, Job Agency, Australia Federal Police, Red Cross, etc) asking for interpreters over the phone and also onsite interpreters.
Calling out interpreters to assist phone and onsite jobs for our clients.
Position: Project Coordinator Company Name: Author Solution Philippines Inc. (Cebu City ) Dates Worked: May 2015 – February 2016 Description: Work directly with Authors from the United States.
Makes sure that the materials of the book to be published are complete.
Guides Authors in completing the book and makes sure it passes Quality Assurance.
Position: Customer Service Representative Company Name: Applied Balance Mdeia Inc.(Dumaguete City) Dates Worked: March 2013 – December 2014 Description: Answer phone and email inquiries from US clients.
Check the website for any misinformation given by the customers.
Send tickets through Zendesk from customers asking their information to be taken out of the website.
Position: Technical Support Representative Level 2 Company Name: Qaulfon Philippines Inc. (Cebu City) Dates Worked: July 2010 – October 2011 Description: Answer phone from US clients.
Assist customers in adding minutes to their phones.
Assist customers in troubleshooting their phones.
Calling the mobile company to check for outages.
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