Virtual Assistant

  • Contractor Name: Saskia Bianca
  • Employee Status: Available for Full-Time or Project-Based work
  • Available To Work On: Philippine Standard Time
  • Price: $10 per hour for part-time project-based work. In exchange for a consistent full-time schedule of 40 hours a week, Saskia Bianca is willing to accept offers as low as $9.00 per hour (Approximately $1440.00/month).
  • Hometown: Cebu
  • Born: 1997


  • Virtual Assistant
  • Admin Assistant
  • Chat Support
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Saskia Bianca's Bio

I am a VA/CSR. I help clients so they can focus on their core business. Learning new things while earning motivates me to do good at work. What I look for in a job and what I love about this position, is the ability to utilize my communication and customer service skills. I love interacting with clients while quickly and effectively problem-solving with them. Down the road, after becoming an expert in the field and developing smart strategies at work, I would love to manage a small business as well.

Education History

  • School: University of Cebu
  • Attended: 2018-until present
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Location: Cebu City

Work History

Position Company Name Dates Worked Description
Position: Office Staff Company Name: Steven Deans Marine Services Dates Worked: 2014-2017 Description: •Answer calls from client
•Encode quotations for future
•Monitor billings
•Send emails to clients
Position: Field Supervisor Company Name: Steven Deans Marine Services Dates Worked: 2017-2020 Description: •Supervising men who work
at the shipyard
•Writes reports about work
•Conducts training to new
•Travel to check client’s
boats and recommends
maintenance or repairs to
boat owners
•Discuss with clients plans
regarding the work
•Coaches and disciplines
•Monitors boats progress
Position: Online English teacher Company Name: 51Talk Dates Worked: 2018-2020 Description: •Conducts lessons to Chinese
students aged 2–40-year-old
•Writes lesson memo
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